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I offer a variety of services for helping to resolve co-founder and business partner issues and conflicts and improve collaboration to get your partnership-led business back on track.


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Full Assessment and Launch

To begin with, when it comes to resolving business partner issues, let’s start with a structured and thorough assessment.

Interviews and questionnaires with each partner subsequently allow me to understand both the range and extent of your challenges as well as your goals. And so, with this fuller overall picture, we can then better understand, prioritize, and address the underlying issues that are holding your partnership and your business back.

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Business Partner Coaching and Counseling

An integration of organization development, organization and relationship system coaching, mediation, as well as couples counseling.

Together we address everything from difficult or stuck dynamics to vision, roles and structure, organizational processes, and decision-making. Additionally, we identify systems-level blindspots and neglected issues within the enterprise.

Not to mention, specialized help is also available for those partners with the added complexity of working with friends, siblings, or spouses.

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1-hr Workshop: Unlocking Partnership Potential

Get actionable tips and practices for building a thriving, high-performing business. Also, learn what pitfalls, myths, and common blind-spots to avoid in order to maintain and maximize your co-founder and business partnership relationship. After that, a Q&A follows the workshop.

Includes a workbook, as well as an online assessment with tailored recommendations.

Usually First Fridays at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern

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Brainspotting for Business Partner Distrust and Resentment

Brainspotting is a fast-growing brain/body, focused mindfulness approach known for effective results.

Generally, brainspotting focuses on dissipating mental and emotional blocks through eye movement and somatics to bypass your thinking brain. As a result, brainspotting often creates deep long-lasting change when there is hurt, distrust and resentment from the past events more so than present-day interactions.

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3-Month Training Program

3-Month Live Program: Maximizing Your Partnership Potential.

In seven sessions, build a stronger foundation for powerful partnership & collaboration. Learn models and engage in guided exercises to ensure you and your partner make progress with organizational structure, processes, as well as communication skills. Additionally, we'll align expectations and agreements, and collaborative decision-making. And finally we'll create practices to maintain progress and sustainability.

Customized Solutions for Co-Founders and Business Partners

Every situation is unique. Therefore I offer dedicated, personalized approaches to conflict resolution for business partner relationships. Let's align your partnership communication, practices, and agreements.

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My Process and Approach

I don’t believe in superficial, overly-simplistic solutions. Notably, many relationships break down because of ingrained, long-term factors that are as much about the personal as the professional. As a result, I apply a methodical, tailored approach that requires honest discussion, open-mindedness, and collaboration. This means we can tackle deep-rooted issues and, most importantly, make a beneficial, long-term change for the better.

Why Choose Conflict 2 Collaboration?

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When you acquire my services, you get the benefit of:

  • Firstly, over 30 years of experience as a therapist and coach specializing in organizational consulting and relationship dynamics.
  • Secondly, knowledge and skills gained over working with a variety of businesses in all forms of industries and sectors. This includes facilitating Interpersonal Dynamics courses for MBA students at Stanford University.
  • Thirdly, my extensive training in mediation, therapy and organization and relationship systems coaching.
  • Finally, a tailored approach that is customized to your unique needs and preferences.

Almost everyone in a business partner or co-founder relationship experiences issues at times. Above all, the most important thing is how you react to it.

Schedule a consultation to see how I can help address stalemates and tensions as well as conflict.

Sunny Sabbini, M.A.
(415) 895-0786
San Francisco Bay Area

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