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If you’re drowning in business partner problems, you may feel at your wit’s end and might even be considering ditching your co-founder or throwing in the towel on your business altogether.

You are at your wit’s end in your business partnership or heading quickly in that direction. Maybe you are even considering ditching your co-founder or throwing in the towel on your business altogether.

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What I Offer

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The objective of my work is to get business partners and cofounders in conflict to reach a place where they are ready to collaborate again or, if necessary, make a guided transition to a new business arrangement.

My skill set as a business partnership and performance coach works best with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping you resolve business partner issues.

You Know You Need Help

Conflict between business partners is natural, and not an indication of failure.

What matters most is how you address those issues. If tensions with your business partner have grown, you must take action. Perhaps you’ve already tried to problem-solve and seek personal and professional help with no success. As discouraged as you may feel, you want to ensure you’ve tried everything. I see partnerships recover from all sorts of challenges as we untangle the various issues and address the various sources of conflict.

Through coaching and counseling for business partners, I’m here to help you get unstuck and guide you towards a better way of managing your business and becoming a high- functioning business partnership.

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What I Believe

  • Doing the inner work first. Working on our emotional and social intelligence, along with other personal capabilities, gives us an incredible advantage in our professional lives.
  • Systems approaches and solutions. It is important to understand the whole picture. Overly simplistic approaches that don’t address all of the key contributors and underlying problems are going to cost the business and the well-being of the partners.
  • Operating from our deepest and broadest wisdom. It’s important that your business decision are made with perspective. Decisions made from aggravation or confusion compromise our ability to see the road ahead and can lead us to make the situation worse.
  • Conflict as a positive catalyst. When handled well, differences and conflict can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and others and lead to a stronger and more resilient partnership.

What It’s Like to Work with Me

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I offer a structured, yet flexible approach to help you solve your unique challenges and partnership disagreements.

With my expertise, I apply proven models, tools and processes to address organizational and structural issues, as well as the dynamics of your relationship.

As part of the assessment process, I’ll be asking you to:

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  • Consider your goals and what you’d like to improve in yourself
  • Engage in difficult but honest discussions
  • Be open to a greater understanding of your partner’s perspectives
  • Collaborate on solutions as needed
  • Try out new behaviors and perspectives

I’m always willing to customize my approach to your needs and preferences, and I will always be looking to balance support with challenging you in order to get results.

My Training and Experience

I have extensive experience over 30 years of working as a therapist and coach, combining organizational consulting and relationship dynamics. This includes:

  • Finding ways through conflicted business partnerships with organizational development and systems coaching, mediation, therapy and more.
  • A master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Sonoma State University.
  • Training in mediation and resolving disputes through the Northern California Mediation Center.
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching training from the Center for Right Relationships
  • Five years in developing group facilitation and coaching skills with an organizational development consulting firm, Community at Work.
  • Facilitating Interpersonal Dynamics courses for MBA students at Stanford University Graduate School of Business
  • A wide range of clients from a variety of sectors like the arts, environment, tech, HR, real estate, healthcare and other professional services.
  • I, and my business partnership clients, have been interviewed in the San Francisco Examiner, LA Times, NPR, KQED and global publications.
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My clients are established small businesses and mostly include:

  • Professional service firms
  • Creatives (designers, writers, videographers, filmmakers and producers)
  • Tech scale-ups
  • Product-based companies
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Here are a few more tidbits about me before we start working together.

  • I have enjoyed dancing West Coast Swing for over a decade, both leading and following!
  • Time spent in nature is replenishing and inspiring to me. I try to be mindful and maintain good health. I love the North Shore of Kauai for this reason.
  • My family and I live in a co-housing community of 30 households, giving me many personal experiences and insights being on all sides of mediation and facilitation for collaborative decision-making.
  • I’m always seeking out new programs and training courses for my own personal and professional development.
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Ready To Move Forward?

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