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Coaching For Businesses Facing Relationship Breakdowns

Coaching For Businesses
Facing Relationship Breakdowns

If what started as a business filled with excitement has now become a negative experience,
I can work with you to rebuild your relationship.

The tensions escalate into arguments and your business
partnership disagreements have hit a new high.

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What's more, you're avoiding each other and dread your next meeting together. Maybe you feel undermined by your business partner or co-founder. As a consequence, you feel you must be ready for a battle whenever you offer your opinion.

Resentment and distrust are growing and consequently threatening to hurt the business. Moreover, you're sick of the time and energy being taken up with dealing with these issues. At this point, you might even ask yourself, "Is all this even worth it?"

Facing these issues, head-on is important; conversely, avoiding them means ducking important decisions and worsening things. Without a doubt, this is why business partnerships fail.

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What To Do Next

You’ve tried everything you can think of, in essence, exhausting all possible options to resolve your business partner relationship.

All you want is to find a solution that helps you both get back on track and rediscover the spark that helped you build a successful business in the first place.

Furthermore, if you don’t move on from this crisis, you sense that tensions could overload and adversely affect the growth and success of your business. The good news is that there are still solutions out there that you can try.

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All Business Owners Benefit from Support.

In my experience working with business partners and co-founders, most are unable to unpack some issues and dynamics on their own, leading to underground tension and progressive breakdown.

In essence, how partners respond to crises like these defines the future of their business. They tend to get stuck thinking the other is the cause of the problems or questioning themselves instead of finding solutions.

Don’t keep losing money and time with your business partnership problems.

Indeed, it’s not too late to turn things around with tailored business partner counseling and coaching.

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Searching for Options. Finding Solutions.

Maybe you’re ready to throw in the towel, thinking it’s already too late to fix the issues. Further, you’ve asked advice from your friends, colleagues, mentors, your spouse - maybe even your therapist. But that doesn’t mean you’ve tried everything yet.

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My name is Sunny Sabbini.
I’m a business partnership and performance coach who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help manage conflicts and get businesses moving forward again. Fundamentally, my goal is to work with you to navigate cofounder conflict and the complex issues in your relationship, collaborating with you to find a solution.


Through Conflict 2 Collaboration, I provide an integrated model of business partnership coaching to get your relationship and your business back on track.

All Business Owners Benefit from Support.

I apply my extensive training and experience in counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, mediation, and organizational development to create a holistic approach. What's more, I have a successful track record of helping cofounders, start-ups, and business partners resolve conflicts and get to the root of their shared issues.

To begin with, I provide an assessment to help me determine all the important factors that feed your business partnership problems so that I can tailor my approach and personalize it to meet your needs and preferences.

You’ll find my offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I also work with businesses nationwide.



Above all, for a business partnership to function well, it needs the support of six critical pillars.

Accordingly, this forms the basis of my approach to rebuilding your relationship and helping you create a high-functioning business partnership.

Neglecting any of these important pillars will likely result in continued pressure in your business partnership, ultimately costing you time, money, opportunity, and aggravation. So isn’t it time to get your business and partnership fully on track?

Ready to move forward?

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The calling of your vision is even bigger than any conflicts or setbacks. Moreover, you are here to make a meaningful contribution to the world and you can’t afford to let the problems undercut your true purpose and success. So let me help you get on the right path.

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Sunny Sabbini, M.A.
(415) 895-0786
San Francisco Bay Area

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